MACRA got you worried?

Now you can stop worrying!

We offer the best, simplest and easiest to implement MACRA solution available.

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Ancillary Services

Adding ancillary services that includes sequential testing will increase practice revenue and strengthen patient compliance.

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Toxicology Testing

We provide TOX testing for rehabilitation centers, pain management, hospitals, medical groups, and Physician's offices. Every specimen submitted is tested and  preliminary test results are sent to the doctor’s portal within 24 hours of receipt of specimen.

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Preconception Recessive Mutated Gene test

Now a couple can find out before the woman is pregnant  if they are carriers of a inherited recessive genetic mutation putting them at high risk of giving birth to a child with an  incurable disease.

Carriers of a mutated recessive gene do not have any symptoms.

Of course every pregnant woman should take this test too.

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Genetic Testing for Cancer

With more and more genes identified as a risk for developing cancer, it is becoming more routine to test for these genes, especially for those with a family or personal history of cancer.

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Pharmacogenetic Testing

How drugs are metabolized or how they interact with their intended target are often genetically-based. Now testing is available to take the guess work out of choosing a medication for many classes of medications.

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Compounding Pharmacy

We are affiliated with compound pharmacies licensed in over 30 States that offer a variety of compounded medicines as well as the ability to create custom compounds. Our Pharmacy Provider has a prescription pad of commonly used compounds to treat pain, dry skin and a variety of other conditions.

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The Future is Now

Predictive and individualized treatment of the patient is not the medicine of tomorrow it is the medicine of today!

NationRx: About Us

In 2005, the Nation Rx team started providing affordable healthcare solutions to companies as well as directly to the consumer. The company culture of offering great service at a great price proved to be a winner. The business grew and  expanded to include many health related products and services. By picking "best in the field" solutions, they built and nurtured their relationships and today enjoy a successful rapport with healthcare providers, patients, and medical businesses.

In the past decade, NationRx's founders have positioned themselves as leaders in marketing healthcare products and services. NationRx now serves as an intermediary between healthcare providers and the healthcare industry, by bringing solutions to both the healthcare providers and patients. They view their relationships as "partnerships" and always work to accommodate the needs of the Healthcare Provider.

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We like to offer our clients the best solutions. If you have a product or service that you believe would compliment our services or that has more to offer than our current product(s), please contact us.