Some of the common questions that we get are listed below. If you have a question that is not answered here, please contact us.

Q. How does our MACRA solution differ from others?

  • Our platform reports on over 60 measures, whereas most others report on 20-30 measures
  • Our system integrates with nearly all the major EHR systems to AUTOMATICALLY pull diagnosis codes and other necessary information
  • There is no set-up cost for physicians or practices
  • Our program is likely to have the greatest increase in reimbursement to physicians with little or no direct time commitment
  • Our program offers an end of the year report at no charge to submit as required
  • Our program has extremely competitive fees that is less than most programs
  • We can get you online in as little as 7 days.
  • Our platform enables sequential testing.

Q.What is sequential testing?

  •  Our software platform provides an electronic AWV which is the first in a sequence of tests that provides practice revenue & patient health management.

Q. Why an electronic Annual Wellness Visit?

  • It is fool proof, MACRA compliant, stores patient data, automatically identifies other patient specific revenue producing tests. During this screening, patients who suffer from possible allergies are identified as candidates for testing.

Q. How much is the setup cost for allergy testing?

  •  Zero. There is no set up cost.

Q.What supplies or equipment do I need?

  •  None. Just a designated room. Our allergy nurse brings in all of the necessary supplies to perform testing in your office. A series of scratch and intradermal tests are done, which may take more than one testing session.

Q. Will my staff have to do any additional work?

  •  No. The provider supplies the medical staff.

Q. Will my staff have to bill the insurance company?

  •  No. We recommend that you allow our professionals who specialize in allergy testing and immunotherapy to do the billing for you. The fee for this service is included in the fee that you pay, so there are no additional charges. The billing is done through your or your practice NPI number and reimbursements are deposited directly into that account, leaving you cash flow positive.

Q. How do I know who should be tested?

  • If you clinically suspect seasonal or food allergies, then allergy testing and immunotherapy may be indicated if you believe that the patient may benefit from testing and/or treatment.

Q. What insurance plans cover Allergy testing?

  • For Medicare, one is allowed to get tested once every 3 years, although there are exceptions. Many commercial insurance plans usually approve testing, it’s recommended that all patients are pre-certified. Our staff will perform this pre-certification as this service is included in the fee that the providers pay.

Q. What happens after the provider identifies a patient who might benefit from allergy testing?

  • After the provider identifies a patient, during a regular visit or an Annual Wellness Visit, that he/she believes will benefit from allergy testing and/or immunotherapy, the patient’s information is given to our staff along with demographic and insurance information. Our staff will then verify the patient’s benefits and eligibility, including estimated patient responsibility. Based on parameters set by the providers office (i.e. how to handle deductibles and co-payments), the patient will be scheduled by our staff.

Q. Is it safe to perform testing in the office?

  • Yes, of course. Testing is almost always performed in the office. Our staff is trained to handle reactions and brings their own crash cart. Of course, our staff acts under the supervision of the providing physician.

Q. Is this compliant with Stark laws?

  • Yes. There is no fee splitting. Providers are charged for the use of an Allergy Nurse, testing supplies, the use of a crash cart, scheduling, and billing. The fee for these services are the same for all patients within a practice, regardless of what insurance they have.

Q. If I have some medical questions is there someone that I can talk to?

  • Absolutely. Our medical director is available to discuss any and all of your concerns. In fact, all of our providers should be 100% comfortable. Our medical director and his assistants will review cases to ensure that patients are receiving the best possible care

Q. How do I get started?

  • It's simple. First we execute a BAA, then complete a practice evaluation form and then we send you a contract. We anticipate your office will be operational within forty-five days after the contract is signed.