Because genetic pre-disposition is recognized as a definite increased risk factor for developing cancer, genetic testing is becoming increasingly used to detect those people who may be at risk for many malignancies. A non-invasive test  can identify those people who are at high risk of developing Breast, Colo-rectal, Pancreatic, Prostate, Ovarian, Gastric, Melanoma and Endometrial cancer.

Testing positive for a particular cancer marker dramatically increases that persons risk of developing that cancer. For example, as opposed to the general population breast cancer risk goes from around 12% to over 85%. Colorectal goes from about 5% to almost 100%.

Why would someone want to know this information? Because if they know they are genetically pre-disposed to any of these eight cancers, they can reduce the risk, or even PREVENT the cancer from occurring!  At the very least they can go for more often observation so as to detect at the earliest stages,   Does early detection really make a difference?  The survival rate for 1st stage diagnosis of breast cancer is 99% as opposed to 22% for 4th stage. Prostate cancer survival rates are about the same. Even pancreatic cancer goes from 13% to 1%.