All supplies are free, as is prepaid overnight shipping of the specimens to the lab.

If the insurance does not cover the test the patient is sent a bill which is required by law. The bill never exceeds $100 and our advocacy team will offer assistance programs for that $100. We never hassle or harass the patient and they are NEVER turned over for collection as many other labs do!

Our lab will provide a trained certified lab paid MA in those States where it is compliant for any location that can submit around 50 tests a month of ALL tests combined.

The test is a two step process:

Immunoassay, the preliminary step  is done by a sensitive instrument, the AU 400 and is grouped by class of drug (22- panel) which reports qualitative results (positive or negative).  The results are available in the physicians portal within 24 hours of receipt of specimen.

A confirmatory test is  the second step utilizing  Liquid/Gas Chromatography Tandem-Mass Spectrometry (LC-MS/MS) which has a level of sensitivity and specificity significantly greater than immunoassay. This  tests for 59 drugs and for their metabolites providing better interpretation of a patient’s medication and/or illicit drug use. This testing method is the most sensitive and specific to help exclude false positives and the results are available in the physicians portal 72 hours later.

Although our supplies include standard TOX cups, we do not provide POC cups but do specified testing for those doctors that use POC cups.