Medicare, ACOs, and many commercial insurance plans have embraced preventive care by including comprehensive wellness programs. The Affordable Care Act (ACA) has numerous preventative care and wellness programs that help physicians better care for their patients while offering significant reimbursement for these services. With the recent changes in reporting requirement under Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act of 2015 - MACRA) that begin in January 2017, practices are left confused and with little options on how to begin this process--until now!

Our new software platform gives providers a simple electronic solution that is ideal for Medicare (fee-for-service and ACOs) and private commercial insurance plans without risk, obligation, or additional costs to the physicians.



  • One Simple, easy-to-use platformsimple
  • MACRA Ready - has numerous products to help physicians practice personalized medicine and avoid reimbursement cuts as a result of failure to report
  • Seamless Integration - we integrate with nearly all EHR systems.
  • Increased Reimbursements - Better patient outcomes=increased insurance reimbursements
  • Manage Wellness Programs - Under the new MACRA and ACA provisions
  • Fully Compliant - Regular updates ensure total medical compliance
  • No Set-Up or Monthly Maintenance Fees



Our platform will generate revenue for PCP physicians, which offsets great savings from the prevention of chronic illness and catastrophic injury. Here are some other features that will benefit ACOs:

  • Aggregates data for all members
  • Predicts risk for members so the care coordination team may intervene as needed
  • Increases attribution, causing enrollment to increase
  • Provides over 30 measures of ACO measure compliance
  • Provides data repository for IPA management across all practices for trends and risk stratification
  • Full service solution that creates no changes in workflow for physicians and no staff interruptions



  • Annual Wellness Program - The annual wellness visit provides a comprehensive wellness exam
  • Diagnostic Tests - blood, TOX, cancer, and many other tests
  • BMHE Assessments - Our BMHE program can help clinicians become MACRA ready
  • Genetic Testing - Many of our genetic tests are triggered in our annual wellness program, targeting patients with medical necessity.



The Annual Wellness Visit (AWV) is a new preventative service offered by Medicare and many Commercial insurance plans which offer significant reimbursement for this service. This comprehensive wellness exam takes approximately 15 minutes entirely within our system and can be performed by an in-office MA under the supervision of a physician.

  • The Annual Wellness Visit (AWV) is a new preventative service offered by Medicare and many commercial insurance plans
  • Advanced Directives can be created within our system
  • Neurocognitive Screenings for patients that have suspected neurocognitive issues
  • Preventative Wellness Plan Report, which is 7 pages, is generated with each annual wellness assessment
  • MACRA ready to help clinicians to ensure their practice is ready for the MACRA changes
  • Excellent Reimbursements for tests performed within our wellness program

Advanced Diagnostic Testing

The software has a prequalification engine that matches a patient's diagnosis and medical conditions with the medical necessity criteria of the patient's insurance to ensure proper diagnostic lab utilization.

  • Electronic Test Requisitions to allow a completely paperless solution
  • AWV Triggered test recommendations and other screenings
  • Physician Portal that allows quick access to laboratory  reports
  • Annual Blood Wellness Test that provides a comprehensive snapshot of the patient's overall health
  • Toxicology Test that screens and tests for up to 30 different drugs at the same time

Genetic Testing

Our software has a prequalification engine that matches the patient's personal and family history and medications with the medical necessity criteria of the patient's insurance carrier to ensure proper diagnostic lab utilization.

  • AWV Triggers Test Recommendations as do other screening tests
  • Physician Portal allows for quick and easy access to results
  • DNA Hereditary Cancer Tests can determine if a patient has a cancer gene with certain mutations (i.e. BRCA, Lynch Syndrome, etc)
  • Cancer Prevention Management Plans can be created with our AWV tool
  • Non-Invasive Prenatal and PreconceptionTesting
  • Pharmacogenetic Testing (PGx) predicts a patient's likelihood to experience adverse reactions or a poor response to a given drug.

Behavioral & Mental Health Assessments

Behavioral Mental Health (BMH) Assessments provide a comprehensive look at a large number of different assessments that can help the clinician improve their patient's health and strengthen their clinics approach to MACRA.

  • MACRA ready
  • ACA Provisions allow for yearly screenings with several BMHE assessments
  • With over 30 tests available, we have the tests that you need for your patients
  • Alcohol and Substance Abuse Assessments
  • Self Assessments for patients can be performed by the patient directly on a provided tablet
  • Real-Time Results are provided to the clinician immediately after the MA or patient completes any assessment

No upfront or recurring monthly fees

Nope. That is not a typo. There are no set-up fees. There are no integration charges to connect with your EHR (in most cases). There are no monthly maintenance fees. Our fee structure is simple--pay a small fee (average $25) for the modules that you use that you get paid for using!  Our fees are extremely competitive with other systems, although we believe that we have much more to offer and give physicians more opportunities to increase their practice revenue using our technology.

EHR Integration = Simple to Use

Our software is already integrated with nearly all of the major EHR systems. In fact, we can have many practices up and running in as little as 7 days. Full integration means less work for you and your staff. Patient data is pulled from your EHR system into our platform, so there is no need to type in patient demographics, patient history, or any other patient information that is already available in one's EHR system.

Free Reporting

Our software offers free reports so practices can be in compliance and submit for MACRA.

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